What people are saying about CenterStage:

The success and popularity of our inaugural CenterStage class at the Acorn School was overwhelming!  People are still raving about our musical revue Getting to Know You which featured musical numbers from many Broadway shows staged with original choreography and concepts.

Our son was extremely fortunate to participate in the first ever CenterStage class. It was truly a unique and original musical theatre experience. Our son absolutely loved the class and he learned so much. It really fostered a love of singing and dancing in him. It also gave him a sense of self-confidence while interacting with others in daily life.
We particularly loved the end of semester performances which were remarkable. It was wonderful to see how much the children had all grown and learned over the semester. Both Samantha and Ashley are incredible performers and very talented teachers who work wonderfully as a team. We highly recommend the program!
— Helen & Nick, Parents of Max
CenterStage is an ideal setting that enables kids to cultivate and share their musical talents!
Samantha’s talent and passion for music and performing is contagious.
Our son, Linus, blossomed in CenterStage, and took great joy in expanding his mind, voice, and theatrical expression. He was excited to learn and perform in an impressive lineup of material. The children not only enjoyed themselves, but were also able to find confidence and presence on stage, and clearly were very proud of what they accomplished. This program stresses not just individual expression, but guides children to be able to contribute and shine together as a group, along with their friends and fellow stage mates.
— Shari, Mom of Linus
I have known Samantha for over 15 years. She is a dynamic and multi-talented young woman who gives her all to any project she undertakes...
Samantha and Ashley are talented performers who bring great enthusiasm and professionalism to CenterStage. The young children at The Acorn School have been filled with a great love and joy of music and dance because of their dedication to making that happen!
— Gail Tupper, Teacher at The Acorn School
Center Stage performances have received rave reviews from sold out audiences! I wholeheartedly recommend this class to any parent looking to enrich their child’s life. The Acorn School is most fortunate to have Samantha as a co -teacher and music specialist. She is a gift to The Acorn School!
— Jill Axthelm, Former Director of The Acorn School
As the Assistant Principal at LaGuardia High School for Music & Art and the Performing Arts, it has been my experience that students who begin their musical studies before the age of seven, have greater success both musically and academically.
— Bernice Greene Fleischer, Principal of Music at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School
Our daughter truly loved Center Stage!!! Samantha and Ashley have a unique ability to impart knowledge, facilitate skill and kindle enthusiasm while everyone has a blast. My daughter and her friends developed a deep love and appreciation for music, dance, and performing, while the parents of the students observed the transformation with great pride. The development of body awareness, coordination, attention span and memory that emerged during the CenterStage experience is a testament to the power of the arts.
— Jennifer, Mom of Skylar
I have worked with hundreds of educators across multiple settings; CenterStage is the best Performing Arts program I have experienced to date. Samantha commands the respect of the entire class, dazzling them with her beautiful voice, clarity in instruction and thoughtfully planned curriculum! I continue to be impressed by the synergy between Samantha Jeffreys & Ashley Philips. They engage even the youngest of students, sometimes at the end of a long school day. As an audience member, their rehearsals are delightful and fun. I highly recommend this program to any parent or teacher!
— Jamie Levine, Team Esteem, Founder